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I’m Michael Crose and I have been killing bugs here in the Tampa Bay area since September of 1972. I love my job and I am fanatical about eliminating pests from your home and business.


I know what to do.


For years I taught pest control and horticulture to professionals at our local tech school. I have taught re-certification classes for pest control operators all over the state. I served on the board of directors for both the Florida Pest Management Association and the Certified Pest Control Operators of Florida.


For the last 20 years I have hosted a nationally syndicated radio show about bugs and plants,


Here Are 7 Reasons To Consider Us:

         All of my representatives are the pick of the industry when it comes to knowledge, professionalism and customer care.  They must pass a long and rigorous probationary period in order to become a permanent member of my team.

         We are respectful of YOUR property and very careful to leave things as they were found.

         We use sophisticated equipment and technology, to detect problems others would miss.

         We will NEVER just show up at your home with out you having an appointment or being notified.

         We are fanatics when it comes to punctuality.  If you schedule an appointment with us, you will NEVER sit around wasting your time wondering where we are.

         We do thorough background checks on all employees and they are held to the highest standards.

         When necessary, we consult with the top leading experts in the field of Termites and Urban Pest Management. If we can’t solve your problem, they can!


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Toll Free 866-526-8235

Serving All Tampa Bay