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Earth Friendly Pest Management
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Earth Friendly Pest Management
German Roaches

Everything You’ve Ever Heard About
Solving Your Home’s Tough Pest
Problems Is Wrong!

Synthetic pesticides
WILL NOT solve your pest problem.”


Our initial service is a complete treatment of all areas of your home or business that pest like to hide and breed including applying our earth friendly products in out of the way areas like under appliances and behind certain switch plates, under sinks and other areas where moisture may exist.


We also to a complete exterior service including all potential harborages and pest entry points and all bordering plant beds. We surround your home with a six foot zone of protection.


We then return every three months and treat the exterior again to insure a pest free environment. If you see a bug at any time between appointments just call our office and we will be back at no additional charge.


The cost of our service is $75.00 (any size house). Every three months.


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