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Hey there fellow UFO believers! welcome to the site and by the way yes this is a new website. here are some things we plan on updating to the site: 1. reasons we KNOW aliens are real. 2. q and a. 3. about me info. 4 random emails we get from you. and 5. the store part of the site.

these things and more will be updated soon. but for now here is some questions to think about do aliens exist? do aliens know we exist? are aliens good or bad? and.... do aliens plan on contacting us?

my answers for those questions will be posted next week. think about your answers!

bye for now and we will post the site email address later on!

remember to check back in soon for lots of cool updates!

Aliens from Mars


In the beginning of the day I smelt a smell, which smelt like rotten eggs.  After lunch I saw something in the sky and heard a boom! I went to the field to see a giant u.f.o.  Something was coming out! When it saw me it ran to the left. I saw it leave. I got closer to the u.f.o.  the  alien dropped the key to the u.f.o. I opened the door.  I went inside and looked around .then I found a paper that said; are weakness is

My Dad Met This Dude
On March 3, 1965, at about 02:00, John Reeves, a Brooksville resident aged 65, was out walking when he came upon a disc-shaped object twenty to thirty feet in diameter, and about eight feet thick in Weeki-Wachi Springs, Florida, USA. Around the rim were a number of slats similar to a Venetian blind, which opened and closed. The object was resting on four struts, and a fifth extended from its underside, holding several disc-shaped "steps". Then a humanoid figure with a transparent, spherical helmet, dressed in a silver grey, tight fitting suit approached Reeves and examined him. The entity's head was similar to a human's head except for the very wide-set eyes. Then the humanoid fetched a small box-like instrument from inside the UFO and pointed it at Reeves, who decided to run away, but the instrument was apparently harmless: as he looked over his shoulder, Reeves saw that the box was flashing. He also said that the entity had come so close to him that his helmet banged against Reeves's head. Later, footprints were found at the landing site, and Reeves also discovered two pieces of tissue-like paper at the scene of the encounter which bore strange symbols of handwritten appearance, which he gave to US Air Force investigators at McDill Air Force Base and the Pentagon, who then said the paper-like stuff is common material and that they have partly decoded the message that said "Planet Mars. Are you coming home soon? We miss you very much. why did you stay away too long?", and concluded the story was a hoax. According to Coral Lorenzen of APRO, it has been suggested that the silly message was an attempt to mislead humans, for some reason, if the encounter itself was assumed genuine. Other ufologists charged that the US Air Force did not give him the message back and invented its meaning to ridicule the sighting, while most wisely stated that it could simply be a hoax as the witness was alone, as extraterrestrials are unlikely to handwrite silly messages on pieces or tissue, as anyone can create footprints and as no corroboration of the sighting was found whatsoever.

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here are some questions i said id answer so here goes... do aliens exist? well i think that there is a real good possibility that they do and some people disagree and that's fine to.. but you want a true blue answer so yeah they do there has been proof (kinda).
next up do aliens know we exist? I'm going to try not to freak you out but yes they have known for a while most likely. but once again you want a true blue answer so yes i think so because if they have visited us so much why wouldnt they??
are aliens good or bad? well in some theroes both. people say that aliens helped build pyramids and that aliens helped with lots of things in history. but then again its been said that they eat us (doubt it because we wouldn't eat them..) some say they blow us up.( we might do that to them)
but mostly i think that they wouldn't hurt us because apparently govement
is hiding them and protecting them so...i don't have an answer.
last but not least do aliens plan on contacting us? well duh! they already have no more questions!

now an alien play for the little ones :)

flork: why are these humans bothering us?!
baj: i don't know but we don't bother them when they fly there planes!
flork: how about we tell the goverment we don't wanna be hidden by them anymore
baj: what?!!? there hiding aliens???!?!?!?!?

OK new questions..
are aliens human like? ( do they look like us)
do they have any human like qualities?

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