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Termite House

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Nine months ago I did a favor for my neighbor who had termites in his house. Not wanting lots of chemicals around the house I installed some Advance stations near the area that the termites were working.


Take a look.

A total of 34 cartridges later we were still having termites eat the bait. Oh and three months into this adventure the house was trenched and treated with Termidor. While the activity inside the house ended (I am not sure if it was the Termidor or the bait) the little bastards were still eating the bait. What about the transfer effect?


So on April 2nd the good folks at Homeguard Glenn and Craig Gordon the inventors of the system very nicely volunteered at their expense to come out and install a Homeguard baiting system and we are now documenting the adventure. You will see it all. If it works, if it fails or if the friggen termites just take over the neighborhood.


The house was built in 1969 and was soil poisoned with massive amounts of Chlordane. I say this with some amount of knowledge in that the soil poisoning was done by Ace Exterminators the very company I started in this industry with in 1972. Mr. Philbrook the owner was very big on the more is better theory of chemical use. (I could tell you stories). The tech who treated the house was a guy name Big Bob. If he did this house the way I saw him do other houses when I came to work there I will tell you he used about 1000 gallons mixed at double strength on a  1000 sq ft house.

This is day four of Homeguard.

Day eight

Day sixteen

July 4th 2008

This should answer most of the questions on the PCT board about this continuing project.