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skill guides

skill guides

the first skil we do? cooking
heres all the meat first:
level                          item   
1                                 meat
1                                 (m)sinew
1                                 shrimp  
1                                 chicken
1                                 (m) rabbit
1                                 anchovies
1                                 sardine
1                                 (m)karambwanji
1                                 (m)karambwan
1                                 (m)ugthanki kebab
5                                 herring
10                              (m) mackrel
11                              (m) roasted bird meat
12                              (m) thin snail
15                              trout
16                              (m) spider
16                              (m) roasted rabbit
17                              (m)lean snail
18                              (m)cod
20                              pike
21                             (m)roasted beast meat   
21                             (m)gint crab meat
22                             (m)fat snail
25                             salmon
28                            (m) slimy eel
30                            tuna
30                            (m)roasted chompy
31                            (m) fish cakes
35                            (m) rainbow fish
38                            (m)cave eel
40                            lobster
41                           (m) jubbly
43                           (m) bass
45                           swrodfish
53                           (m) lava eel
62                           (m)monk fish
80                           (m)shark
82                           (m)sea turtle
91                           (m)manta ray
lvl                                                     item
1                                                       bread
58                                                     (m)pitta bread
                                                          (how to)
 1.  pick grain take to windmill and make flour
 2. use pot to collect flour you have made
 3. fill a bucket with water
 4. mix bread and water to make bread dough
 5. cook the dough using a stove
lvl                                                   pietem (lol)
10                                                   redberry pie
20                                                   meat pie
29                                                   (m) mud pie
30                                                   apple pie
34                                                   (m) garden pie
47                                                   (m) fish pie
70                                                   (m) admiral pie
85                                                   (m) wild pie
95                                                   (m) summer pie
to make pie....
1. mix flour and water to make pastry dough
2. place dough in empty pie dish
3.  use your chioce of filling with the empty pie
4. cook pie with stove
lvl                                            item
25                                            stew
60                                            (m) curry
to make stew....
1. fill bowl with water
2. put a potatoe in the bowl
3. cook meat and put that into the bowl
4. cook stew on stove or fire
(after completeing  evil daves miniquest from recipie of disaster you can add spices to make curry)
lvl                                                  item
35                                                  plain pizza
45                                                  meat pizza
55                                                  anchovy pizza(yuck)
65                                                  (m) pineapple pizza
to make pizza...
1. mix flour and water for pizza base
2. add a tomatoe
3. add some cheese to the pizza
4. cook with stove
5. add your topping (555 DEAL!!!)
lvl                                                  item
40                                                  cake
50                                                  chocolate cake
to make cake...
1.mix flour milk and eggs in a cake tin
2.  cook cake on stove
3. add chocolate to make  chocolate cake
lvl                                            item
35                                            wine
how to make wine...
1. fill jug with water
2. use grapes with jug
3. wait untill it ferments (can ferment in back or inv)
                                        hot drinks
lvl                                                    item
20                                                   nettle tea
to make nettle tea.....          
1.fill a bowl with water
2. put nettle leaves into into bowl
3. boil on fire or range
4. use bowl with cup
5. add milk ( if u want i guess..?)


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