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Cenia Wolmers Massage


STRESS… Anxiety..? NO MORE !!!

Now is the time to get a massage from Cenia and let your troubles float gently away.

My name is Cenia Wolmers and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist offering a full spectrum of professional massage services ranging from Relaxation, Deep Tissue (Or a combination of the two), Hot Stone and Paraffin Treatments.


Massages can be conducted at your office, home or my place of business.  I travel with a portable massage table that is used for full body massages and a chair especially designed for head, neck and back massages.  The full body massage typically lasts from 30 to 90 minutes depending on your preference; and the chair massages are typically 15-45 minutes.


I provide all necessary supplies to provide a professional spa like environment in almost any location- without the spa prices. 


The typical rate within West Pasco and Northern Pinellas run $60.00 an hour.  Call now to reserve your appointment!  


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Lic. No. . MO50875


Call Today 727-942-4068